The “Gundam” franchise stays fresh by rebooting the franchise every so often.  The last iteration of Gundam was called  “00”, which I actually thoroughly enjoyed.   We reviewed it here on wrixel, way back when.  I just finished watching the first episode of Gundam Age… Here are my initial thoughts on the 1st episode:

-          I do NOT like the new art direction.

-          Story line is not interesting at all, not believable…

-          Animation is clean and crisp.

-          Do not care much for the characters…

-          Opening and Closing songs are decent.

-          Why is Haro here?


To summarize, I did not like the first episode of Gundam Age.  It could be that I’m a little older and slightly more jaded but this new entry in the franchise seems to be focused more on the younger crowd.  The art style also seems to agree with my conclusion.   The first episode seemed almost comical to me.  The main protagonist loses his mother in the first minute of the show.  Really?  He of courses uses this loss to fuel his ambition to build a Gundam and then pilot it to save mankind.    I hate to sound like a crazy fan boy troll…but you have to see it to believe it.

This is where gets their anime… FOR FREE.

If you are familiar with Bittorrent, then you are good to go.  All of these new animes have not been licensed here in the states yet so you don’t need to worry about getting in trouble.  Although once it is licensed I wouldn’t advise sharing it on any P2P programs.


Old time fans of the Gundam franchise may overlook many of the things I’ve mentioned but as far as episode 1 goes, I am not hooked.  Download the first episode and let us know what you think!