Uncharted 2 was a wonderful, beautiful, and fun adventure that hit all the right notes in gamers’ hearts. Uncharted 3 seems like it’s going to 1up the sequel in every way, and the wait for this highly anticipated sequel is almost over.

Moments ago, Naughty Dog tweeted that the game is complete: “#Uncharted3 has gone gold! We’re only three short weeks away from Drake’s latest adventure. Full details here: bit.ly/nckjX6″

The link leads to an official announcement that the game will enter manufacturing for its November 1st release. Naughty Dog also took the opportunity to announce 2 bonuses for retail copies of Uncharted 3:

1) A voucher for early access into the Starhawk Public Beta, which starts in 2012 and

2) 3 Behind the Scenes videos included on the game’s disc.

I can’t wait to play the next Uncharted game! Naughty Dog creates some of the most polished games in the industry. I’m also curious to know what the “Deception” in the title refers to.

What are you thoughts on the game’s theme of “deception,” and are you excited for the release?