Orcs Must Die, “OMD”, developed by Robot Entertainment, is a Tower defense game that lets you simultaneously place defensive structures while controlling a warrior to combat the oncoming hordes.  Is the game a worthy entry into the Tower Defense genre?  Or is “Orcs Must Die” just another run of the mill game? Continue reading to find out:

Gameplay is fun and action packed

You can immediately tell from the first stage that “OMD” is a fun game.  In stage 1, you begin by preparing your traps.  As the Orcs eventually break through your front door they are immediately greeted by your cleverly placed devices of doom.   At the same time you are blasting them away with your crossbow and slashing them with your magical sword.   It all sounds hectic but it fits together nicely and makes for a great time.   The game also features a pretty standard skill up system.  Every time you beat a stage you collect Orc Skulls which you can use for upgrades.


Easy to pick up and learn

While it might sound a bit daunting to do so many things at once, the game makes it easy to move, attack and place new traps.  We started playing the first stage of the game and we were able to pick it up almost instantly.  The learning curve is nonexistent and the game is very straight forward and intuitive.


Looks & Sounds Great

I think the game looks great.  Depending on your rig, the PC version should look the best out of all of the platform.  Don’t take my word for it, check out this video for the first stage!

Story? What Story?

“OMD” doesn’t try to tell an epic story about hobbits and orcs…the story is simple.  A famous ”War Mage” has died and his apprentice must now take up his mantle and become an orc slayer.



Should you buy Orcs Must Die?  Yes.

Orcs Must Die for the PC is probably the best version of the game.  It looks better on the PC than any other platform and the control scheme is also very easy to get used to.  For $15 the game offers a lot of value with 27 stages and a lot of reliability. Killing orcs in has never been more fun and watching your traps destroy orcs is hilarious!  Wrixel.com highly recommends “Orcs Must Die”!


PS.  We would also like to give a special thanks to Robot Entertainment for giving us a review copy of the game.   It was really nice of them to respond to a small site such as ours.  Please support them and get this awesome game!!