Holy crap. Guardian Heroes ranks up there with DragonForce and Panzer Dragoon Saga as the best and most difficult games to find on the Sega Saturn system. Now, bestill my beating heart, Guardian Heroes is available on Xbox Live for 800 MS points!

Major Nelson tweeted the announcement earlier this morning and provided a link to release: https://twitter.com/#!/majornelson

There’s also something about the Real Steel game, but GUARDIAN HEROES!

For the uninitiated, Guardian Heroes is a sidescrolling beat-em-up with RPG elements. It was developed by  legendary gaming studio Treasure (of Gunstar Heroes fame). The original game had story co-op and a battle royale mode for competitive play, so you could team up with with a friend to destroy enemies or fight up to 6 of your buddies in an arena; the XBLA version will have co-op and online play, but it’s unclear at the moment if the co-op is offline only.

I’ll definitely be downloading this later today. My copy of Guardian Heroes for the Saturn can finally retire in peace. :)