I’ve got to admit it’s getting better all the time for gamers. We’ve got some amazing games to look forward to in the next few months. One of the most anticipated is Mass Effect 3, especially since Bioware recently announced the 4 player co-op mode in a recent tweet.

Today, Bioware was gracious enough to release a video that delves deeper into the co-op mode and Galaxy at War component.  Sure, playing as the different races for the first time is neat, as is choosing from the classes we’ve grown to love (Vanguard, anyone?), much jucier details were doled out.

According to Executive Producer Casey Hudson, the better you do in Multiplayer (by securing locations throughout the Galaxy as assets for the war), the better your ending will be in the single player!

This element sounds amazing, and it’s great that it’s an alternative and not a must: if you want to play thoroughly through the single player, you’ll still get a better ending.  However, if you prefer to play with friends, then you can still make progress towards saving the universe.

Find out more about the multiplayer as well as see the game in action (spoiler: it’s gorgeous) in the video interview below:

If there were ever a reason to preorder Mass Effect 3, this is it. Who’s with me?