After a really weird “resolution” to the subscription fee hike that would have seen Netflix split into a DVD and video game rental service called Qwikster and a seperate streaming service with the Netflix name, Netflix founder Reed Hastings announced today that it will remain a single service with “one website, one account, one password… in other words, no Qwikster.”

What I’m disappointed about most is that there was absolutely no mention of the videogame rental service that would have gone live with Qwikster. Blockbuster currently offers dvd rentals AND video game rentals for one price. Sure, you have to pay to stream movies, but as a gamer whose only other renting option is Gamefly, it’s always good to have choices. I was looking forward to having another choice in the form of Qwikster; the resulting competition would have undoubtedly lead to interesting features and lower prices for consumers as these rental services fought for our money.

Let’s see if Reeds decides to add videogames in the future. While he mentioned that the company is “done with price changes,” it would be difficult to imagine Netflix offering games without raising the subscription cost. So it seems that videogames may not be in Netflix’s near future.

Are you disappointed that Qwikster is no more, or are you happy that your Netflix subscription will remain the same?

Source: Netflix Blog