Everyone has a game or two that they think is great but that no one else has ever heard of. You try to describe why your game is so much fun, but all you get is a blank stare.

I have plenty of games that I enjoyed the hell out of but that no one I know personally has ever heard of.

So, I thought I’d compile a list of the Top 5 games that are totally underrated!


# 5: Tecmo’s Deception series (PS1)

This game was pure brilliance in my eyes. The basic concept was that you were the guardian of a castle, and you had to set traps to kill anyone who trespassed on your property and tried to kill you. Oh, and you made a pact with the Devil. There was even a warning on the label warning gamers that there was satanic imagery in the game! Good times . . .

You could put spike traps on walls, spring traps on the ground, and chandeliers on the ceiling that would impale, throw, and crush your enemies. Of course, you had to make sure that you lured your enemies into the traps (they weren’t all dumb), but it was soooo satisfying to pull off a multi-trap domino effect!


If you have a PS1, you owe it to yourself to track these gems down.


#4: Pandemonium (PS1)

I can’t remember the plot to this game; it had something to do with defeating something evil. However, it was a fun 2.5d platformer. You played as either a sassy young redhead or a jester who would travel through magical, medieval lands hopping on bouncy watermelons and smushing enemies.

This was fun back in 1997 . . . don't question me!

Dammit, even as I read what I just wrote, I can understand why the game would seem like crap. But you have to play it to experience the fun. Please believe me!


#3 The Warriors (Xbox)

Am I the only person alive who played this Rockstar game? It was great! Think Streets of Rage meets Fighting Force (Damn, Fighting Force should definitely had made this list. Maybe I’ll do a Top 6 next time . . .).

I’m a big fan of the Warriors movie, so I was excited to see just how true to the material Rockstar stayed. They even had prequel levels that showed how the Warriors ruled their part of Coney Island.  The game also had a deep and fun fighting system where you could grapple your enemies and pull of reversals.

"Warriors, come out to plaaayaaaay!"

You could also steal car radios . . .Very cool stuff!


#2 Otogi (Xbox)

From Software may be known for punishing gamers in Demon Souls and Dark Souls, but their sadism began with Otogi. Steeped in Japanese mythology, Otogi was a beautiful  action game that put you in the role of a resurrected prince who fought demons with his special powers.

That's a huge bug . . .

The environments were destructible for the most part, so you could jump high into the air, dash at an enemy, and slam him with your sword so hard that he would fly into a tower and bring it crashing down. It was like playing a Dragonball Z game that was actually good!


#1 Vandal Hearts 2 (PS1)

Has anyone even heard of Vandal Hearts? It was a Japanese turn-based, grid strategy game on the PS1 made by Konami. It had a deep, political plot (nowhere near Final Fantasy Tactics though) and a simple but great class system.

The sequel to Vandal Hearts was notable because of a very unique gameplay feature that I haven’t seen in any turn-based strategy game today: simultaneous turn-taking. What I mean is that when you moved one of your characters and told them to attack, your enemy would move one of his units at the same time. So, you had to be careful with who you moved and when in order to anticipate your enemy’s moves.

The simultaneous turns  added to the game’s depth because the computer would have certain priorities that you had to be aware of. If one of your characters was near death, you could be sure that the computer would attack him next. So, you could move that character to another space in order to avoid being killed by the computer.

Not pictured: the goblin moved that same turn.

You really need to experience it for yourself in order to understand the pure brilliance of this concept.


Now that you have my Top 5 Underrated games, share your own! What game should have made my list?