SPACE MARINES! Relic Entertainment has announced that the FREE Externimatus DLC, which lets you hack and explode orcs and chaos demons with three other buddies, will be released on October 25th on the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC. Finally! I was tired of getting yelled at by myself. Now I’ll hear SPACE MARINES! 4x as much! :P

According to Eurogamer, you’ll be able to play as eitther a Tactical Marine, a Devastator, or an Assault class. An interesting features is that you’ll be able to use the perks you unlocked in competitive multiplayer in the DLC to crush some skulls.

I REALLY enjoyed the base game, and I’m excited to play this DLC with some buddies. However, Relic Entertainment is planning even more DLC, some of it free, some of it paid; here’s hoping for a continutation of the main campaign, or maybe even a prologue. :)