So the iPhone 4S went on pre-sale today at 12 AM…Should you get one?

This new iteration of the iPhone has these core improvements:

  • Dual-core A5 chip (previously an A4 chip)
  • SIRI (beginning of skynet)
  • 8 megapixels (up from 7 mp)
    • Five-element lens (up from 4)
    • Face detection (previously no detection)
    • Improved HD video recording
      • 1080p 30 fps (up from 720p 30 fps)
      • Video stabilization (previously no stabilization)
      • Up to 8 hours on 3G (up from 7)

If you are thinking, “Wow that’s not a lot of improvements”… well you are right.   The most notable difference in my mind is the Dual-core chip which should technically make the iPhone siginificantly faster… but I wouldn’t pay a premium to get that speed.

SIRI sounds interesting but I do not advocate the machines taking over.

The phone’s price ranges from $200 to $400 with a two-year wireless contract. It’s available on AT&T, Verizon and, for the first time, on Sprint’s network.  The iPhone 4S goes on sale in stores on October 14 in the following countries: United States, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Japan and the UK.

The question is should you get an iPhone?

The answer is “No”.

Chances are you already have an iPhone 4, and if that’s the case you should not get the new model.

If you are eligible for an upgrade or have had a phone for 3 years +, than I would have to say “YES”. These are probably huge improvements from what you are currently using.