I’m still the proud owner of a Cablevision (now “Optimum”) cable box even though I do most of my media consumption on my pc through streaming. However, it seems that many gamers and I will be turning on our little silver/grey cable boxes less often!

According to Kotaku and MajorNelson, Microsoft has teamed up with 40 channels and entertainment providers to grant Xbox Live users access to their shows! These aren’t small channels like Chiller and Fuse we’re talking here: HBO GO, Bravo, Verizon, Xfinity, and many others are reported to be among the partners.

Imagine watching Game of Thrones or Boardwalk Empire on your Xbox 360 instead of your iPad or Android phone. Of course, you have to already have a paid subscription to some of the cable providers or service providers in order to watch the programs/movies (similar to how you have to have a Netflix account to watch movies on an Xbox 360), but it’s still cool!

So what do you think? Will this partnership get you watching cable programming again, or are you content to just stream your movies/tv shows on your pc or set top box?