Yeah yeah yeah, some of you out there may be rolling your eyes and thinking “mobile gaming? Pfft, that’s not REAL gaming,” and then you take a sip of Earl Grey Mountain Dew.

Well, like it or not, mobile games are becoming a hell of a lot more entertaining, powerful, and profitable for gaming companies.

Don’t believe that a mobile game could compare with even a handheld in graphics and complexity? I give you Infinity Blade 2, which was announced at the Apple Conference today:

Yup, that’ll soon be running on your hipster buddy’s iPhone 4S.

How? Well, according to Apple, the A5 Processor within the new iPhone 4s is twice as fast as the older model, and the graphics will be seven times faster than the iPhone 4. Now, two times and seven times “fast” are easy terms to throw about without some hard data, but I can’t help but be impressed by Infinity Blade 2, which is running on the Unreal 3 engine.

The evolution of mobile gaming in general reminds me of the evolution of console and handheld gaming systems except that it’s happening at a much more rapid pace. Remember when you could only play Snake or Tetris on phones in the late 90s? Now you have RPGs and Action games that look and play like the games you play on your $300 console and spent $60 on. Except that the mobile game costs anywhere from $.99 to $14.99.

The gaming industry is evolving; those “casual” games that elitist gamers scoff at (I do it sometimes too!) generate the money that companies need to make more hardcore games. Don’t focus on just the Angry Birds, Cut the Rope, and Age of Zombies of the mobile gaming world. Look beyond it at the potential for complex gaming experiences. Phones like the iPhone 4S and whatever mobile devices HTC, Google, and Microsoft come out with are important for the future of gaming! The resolutions are getting sharper, the hardware more powerful, and the potential for multiplayer is already built in since it’s a phone. Tablets are a natural extension of mobile gaming, so the same applies to tablet gaming. All we need is for batteries to last longer, and we have powerful gaming devices everywhere we go.

Besides, anyone remember how simple and casual Super Mario Bros. was back in the 8-bit days? ’nuff said.