Valve’s Team Fortress 2 is one of my favorite Valve games. I’ve spent countless hours stabbing mechanics in the back and burning spies to a crisp. So of course I downloaded this fan-made old-school sidescroller by Eric Ruth the moment I learned about it.

You can play as any of the Blue Team’s classes from the soldier to the sniper, and your goal is to mow down red, robotic enemies as you make your way to the end of the level. Each level ends with an awesome boss fight with a member of Red Team. Sound clips from Team Fortress 2 are used extensively throughout the game, and I couldn’t help laughing when my Pyro made the muffled “medic!” sound.

The best part of this fun game? It’s FREE! Head over to PikiGeek to snatch a copy for yourself. No installation required. Just unrar and start her up.  Eric Ruth also created a sidescrolling version of Left 4 Dead that you can download from Fileplanet. Thanks to PCGamer for providing the links.

What games would you like to see “de-made” into 2d, pixelated games? (Personally, I’d love an old school Elder Scrolls: Skyrim top down RPG complete with bit music)