With triple AAA games having huge multi-million dollar budgets its amazing to see some of the fantastic game art that money has to offer. Most of these game covers are meticulously planned and are often truly amazing. Wrixel has taken the time to hand select our top 10 covers of all time and why we think they are amazing.

#10. Battlefield Bad Company 2

This cover is straight to the point.  Battle hardened and good to go.  Its clean and monochromatic theme helps it achieve our #10 spot.

#9.  Double Dragon II: The Revenge

This cover is so epic, a beautiful blonde girl and 2 badass fighters…Gotta love that 80s anime theme too.


#8.  Left 4 Dead

perfectly portrays the zombie holocaust with just 1 hand, minus 1 thumb.

#7.  Gradius

seriously… how epic is this cover?  you got flying easter island heads, lasers and shields…

#6.  Littlebigplanet

Its cute, its colorful its got a lot going on, its great.


#5.  Borderlands

Its a crazy cover for an crazy awesome shooter.  We’ve never saw a cover like this before!


#4.  Super Mario Galaxy 2

You got Mario +1 point, Yoshi +2, crazy planets, and those weird star guys… A+


#3.  Grand Theft Auto 4

its got a awesome mosaic for the urban adventure that is GTA…


#2  Kingdom Hearts

Disney + Square Enix… enough said.

AND THE NUMBER 1 Game is……..











































#1  SHAQ FU!!


scroll down for the real #1





































































#1.   Sam & Max hit the Road

There is so much awesomeness in this cover.  The backgrounds are amazing as well as the art style.

Its our #1 Cover.


Did you like our list?  Did we miss any awesome covers?  please let us know!