If you haven’t already heard the news, Diablo 3 will feature an in-game auction house allowing players to sell their virtual armor/weapons for REAL world cash.  Players will also have the option of selling existing characters as well.

KOTAKU has a nice article with more details here.

What does Wrixel thing about the situation?


Quit your day job??

A lot of people thing this will be an easy way to make a lot of money $.  Probably not.  Unlike World of Warcraft Diablo 3’s loot tables are completely random and thus harder to predict.  Will you make a few bucks on the side while playing the game?  Probably.  Will you quit your day job?  Probably not.  With a large fan base poised to strike it rich of this new system, the market will obviously be flooded with items, thus bringing prices down.  The possibly of making money from this system exists but I do not foresee anyone becoming millionaires overnight.

A nice armor piece for $4?  is it worth it?


Zomg you broke the games!?

Same ppl claim that the Auction house has broken D3… We disagree.

“If you play legit, and other players buy items, you’re at a disadvantage. All you’ll have to show for your hard work is lagging behind everyone.
So if you’re preordained to lose, why play?”

You play because it’s fun.  Also, this “Service” was already being provided by illegal 3rd party sites for the past 5 years anyway.  The “hardcore” mode doesn’t allow the use of an auction house for the purists out there.


Great Idea, Future of the Industry

The D3 auction house is a great idea for several reasons.  The most important reason is that it helps “Gameplay”.  Instead of grinding hours upon hours for an item you can now buy the  set item you are looking for without wasting your own time.  The auction house also helps build a community of buyers and sellers which will help the community grow as a whole.  Players will also now have a rare opportunity to make a few bucks while playing a great game.  For Blizzard this is also a great move, the game is further monetized which helps secure future expansions and better games in the future.  Micro transactions are the way of the future and its great to see that Blizzard is taking advantage of this.

A sneak peak at the new auction house


Here is a great video from G4:  D3 Auction House: Blizzard Explains Why

What do you guys think?