Not only does Modern Warfare feature “Callsigns” but also “EMBLEMS”!  Just like callsigns, emblems are even more varied and unique allowing players to distinguish themselves even further.  Some rare emblems are even animated! Just like call signs most of these emblems are unlocked by complete specific tasks or by perform certain actions.  We kept this list short to make room for your suggestions!  Got any good ones in mind?
Here are WRIXEL’s the Hardest to Achieve Emblems in Modern Warfare 2:


*Extreme Cruelty - Kill every member of the enemy team without dying

*The Resourceful - Kill an enemy by sticking semtex on a teammate


*Ultimate Sacrifice - Nuke the enemy while your team is losing


*Grim Reaper - Kill 5 enemies with a single predator missile


*The Harder They Fall - Kill the top player 5 times in a row

6.  ??? Got a good one?

7. ???  What do you think?

Have any of you gotten these? Got a harder emblem? Tell us!

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