WRIXEL is proud to announce that we are now a proud official affiliate of JINX clothing.

What does this mean for you and WRIXEL?

Well basically it’s a win/win situation for everyone.  By purchasing JINX clothes using any of the links on the site (for instance the right sidebar) you get fancy gamer swag and you help us out directly.   In turn we’ll return the favor by sending all the swag the website gets right back at you through contests and promotions.  That being said, get some cool stuff!!

JINX has got a new fall line up called: JINX IDentity and some V-day promotions going on!

Check it out!!

Also to celebrate this new initiative, we are giving away 1 item of your choice (from the new IDentity line-up) to a randomly selected commenter below!  You just gotta leave a comment!!  Good luck!!

Personally, I really like these items: