I just got the secret ending, “The Truth” in Assassin’s Creed 2…

If you have not, DO NOT read any further.  Following below will be images and spoilers of the game’s ending and the secret ending: Subject 16’s “The Truth.”



My initial thoughts are… wtf?  But now that I’ve thought about it a bit here is my interpretation of the ending and “the Truth”.

I definitely think Time Manipulation has taken place or will play some part in Assassin’s Creed 3.  At the end of the game, “Minerva” speaks and refers directly to Desmond.  How else would this be possible without Time Manipulation?

In the game Ezio asks Minerva, “Are you gods?” Minerva simply answers “No. We simply came…before.” Could it be that future humans traveled back in time to prevent future disaster? The ending of AC2 points out that a solar flare might be a bigger threat than the Templars.   A little weird but we’ll see how that works out.

Now here is the truth video:

ok, its not just naked people scaling a futuristic building.  :)

My theory:

Adam & Eve are probably the first “Assassins” and they are escaping “Eden”.  They started the war against the gods, who in turn enslaved other humans to fight for them (Templars).  This is why the Templars seem so much more powerful than the Assassins.

What is this piece of eden this shadowy figure is holding?  What are these workers doing?

OK, what do YOU guys think?


“Nothing is true; everything is permitted.” -Altair

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