Now that 2009 is coming to an end I would like to thank everyone for keeping wrixel alive and going.
2009 was a pretty crazy year for us.  We got the site revamped/redesigned and we even got business cards!

woot! I love this card!

I would also like to take a moment to thank a few specific people for their support throughout the year:
Neo Nova
Ban Ake
Matt Brett
Just Kyle

Thank you!

Now just in case you missed them, here are a bunch of highlights from 2009!
Consider these the greatest hits of wrixel 2009!! Enjoy!!

- Classic Makeovers: What’s next? Let the Petitions Begin!

This was a feature piece reflecting on how the video game industry should consider remaking classic games.  Double Dragon HD?  Master Blaster on the 360?  A joint piece written by our special guest PaulCorps.

- Top 5 Snipers in Anime

I spent a lot of time and effort compiling this list.  I got sidetracked watching anime a bunch of times but I finally finished it.  Personally I like Yoko the best! <33

- Resident Evil 5 DEMO Review

This was such a hard video to make.   I had to balance my crappy camera on a bunch of books AND I had to re-film a bunch of times.   The final cut is a one long shot, its a masterpiece.  Damn I get a lot of headshots… its beautiful.

- Top 5 Reasons Why you Aren’t a Pro-Gamer

I’m not gonna lie….for a solid week or 2, I was really considering become a “pro-gamer”, then reality came and smacked me in the face.  Here is the list I made to justify why I have a real job.

- Fallout 3 is a Masterpiece

I know Fallout 3 came out in late 2008, but I didn’t get a chance to play it until early 2009.  I gotta say, Fallout 3 was a great experience and I definitely put the game into my top 10 of all time!  Liberty Prime is the coolest character ever!

- Craziest Hair In Video Games

When FF7 first came out, Cloud’s hair blew my mine.  ITS WAS CRAZY!!!  I made a list of chracters with outta thie world hair!

- San Diego Comic Con 2009

San Diego Comic Con 2009 was a blast!  I really dropped the ball with the pictures and I didnt really cover the event like I had planned.  I even crashed the “Brutal Legends” release party and I left with NO PICTURES… how lame.   I really regret not taking more pictures.

- New Game +

I’ve always loved games with a “New Game +” option.  I always liked being able to do things the “right” way the second time around.

- Dissidia Giveaway

Its not much but this giveaway was the biggest event we’ve had @ wrixel.  I had a lot of fun preparing it and I hope everyone is happy with their games/statues.  YOU BETTER BE HAPPY!

In closing,  Have a GREAT NEW YEARS! It was a pleasure spending 2009 with you, hopefully 2010 will be bigger and better! Cheers! See you in the New Year!