To be honest I initially wasn’t even thinking about getting L4D 2.  I found the first L4D experience to get a little dry after a couple of plays.   It’s probably because I sucked at the game and I hated getting owned by the infected.  I also thought Valve was screwing us over with a sequel so quickly:

Recently, I’ve gotten L4D 2 through Steam and I’ve been playing it for a solid week now.  Despite my initial concerns, L4D 2 is a fun experience that improves upon the first game by adding new special infected characters and weapons.  The game doesn’t deviate from the proven formula and improves on weaker aspects of the first title.

Guns, I need lots of GUNS!

Once aspect I really like about L4D 2 is the weapons and ammo.  L4D 2 offers a lot of new weapons, from submachine guns, to auto-shot guns, samurai swords, axes, sniper rifles, etc, etc.  I generally use the M4 or the Auto shotgun but it’s nice to have that selection. The game also features special ammo that enhances your bullets, with flame or explosive properties.  The new melee weapons are also pretty varied and fun!  I <3 the Chainsaw

F*cking Clowns! I HATE CLOWNS
L4D 2 has an achievement called “Crass Menagerie”.  It’s an achievement where you have to kill each of the uncommon infected, I won’t totally ruin the achievement for you but let me just say…CLOWNS…. F*cking clowns man.  Small little variations and changes like these “uncommon infected” makes L4D 2 feel fresh and varied.

omg.. the stuff of nightmares!

Still Scary?  Not quite but still just as fun

The first game offered a new horror experience and from time to time it did scare/shock me.  When I got “Boomed” for the first time I was generally pretty apprehensive of what would happen next.  When I saw hordes of zombies rushing towards me and a Hunter slashing my friends face I was speechless. ..holy sh*t!  L4D 2 still has these scary moments but if you played the first, then you’ve pretty much experienced them all.

A crying/screaming/burning witch is still pretty scary.

No Intelligence here…Artificial Intelligence that is.
One thing I find very annoying with the game is that the AI is really dumb.  Maybe its because I’m spoiled and I play with friends who will immediate save me when I’m being attacked.   I’ve noticed that the Game AI is just plain slow to react.  I can literally get “jockeyed” in front of my computer partners and watch as they take their sweet time rescuing me.

Is it worth the price of admission?
A lot of people have been complaining that L4D 2 is a glorified expansion.  I don’t believe this to be true.  L4D 2 feels NEW.  It’s a lot longer than the first game, and characters models have been redesigned.   The game has new missions within each chapter that are fun and entertaining.  One mission has your delivering Cola bottles to a Gun shop owner!  The graphics are better and although the game offers a similar experience to the first, its an experience that is enhanced.

Final Word
In conclusion L4D 2 is a solid gaming title.  It improves upon the first in every manner and is a step in the right direction.  If you have a solid core group of gaming friends this title is a GREAT time for all.  Communicating with your friends is key and very satisfying when you all pull off a great coordinated attack as the infected or if you survive the zombie hordes as the survivors.  Regardless you will have a great time with your friends.  If your friends are busy and find yourself playing solo then I would suggest going for other “SOLO” games.  I definitely recommend this game for the holiday season!
wrixel gives L4D 2: 4 zombie fingers out of 5!

If you have L4D 2 on Steam and would like to message me or play my crew in a VS match, let me know!

Steam ID:  Zero Echo