Have you guys heard of Gunnar Optiks? They are  basically super stylish glasses that supposedly reduce eye strain and enhance contrast on your tv/computer screens.

Damn, I really want a pair but prices range from $80 - $190!  A little too pricey for me.

I dont know… do you think I will look funny at work?  How would I explain these in the office? lol

Hopefully Gunnars will read this article and graciously donate to the site?  Please?

Here is the company info straight from the website:

“A monomaniacal passion for optical perfection. It’s a phrase that defines every action at GUNNAR. Our motivation? Human limits. Our mission? Expand those limits.

Data streams at faster and faster rates each day. From computer screens to handhelds, workstations to digital entertainment devices, the torrent of information continues to pound outward in accelerated shock waves. You know that your eyes are the gateway to the digital world. And you also know that your eyes take that relentless pounding. You’ve felt it. GUNNAR is a company founded on one simple principle: You shouldn’t have to take it anymore”

I found this cool review online about the Gunnars buy Chilla Frilla:

So what do you think?  Should I get a pair? Are YOU?