WRIXEL is having another one of its traditional giveaway contest!!

This time around we are giving away 3 special Final Fantasy: Dissidia prizes!

We are giving away:

1) A copy of Final Fantasy: Dissidia PSP
2) “Cloud Strife” Trade Arts Vol.1 Figurine
3) “Squall Leonheart” Trade Arts Vol.1 Figurine
To be entered into this giveaway you can do 2 things:
1) Comment below!


2) Follow us on twitter! (http://twitter.com/eddiecho)

*tip* - Following us on twitter counts as 2 entries!  (if you have 2 separate twitter names, let me know so I know who it should count towards).  DO both and you have 3 entries, NOT Shabby right?
Here is a closer look at those figurines:

Contest ENDS on Oct.16, 2009

Damn these things are cool…

Good LUCK!!