What does “New Game+” mean to you?

“New Game Plus” is a video game mode that allows the player to start a new game after they finish the game at least once.  Although the player starts a new game this new mode allows players to retain some aspects of their previously completed game.  Whether it be experience points, statistics, items, or relationships with other NPCs all of these elements affects the newly started game.  Throughout the years New Game+ has also been called “Replay Mode”, “Challenge Mode” or “New Game Ex”.

Whenever I hear about a game with a “New Game+” feature it makes me happy for numerous reasons.  The description basically tells me that the game has increased replay value and that it “should” be fun enough to play 2 or 3 times.  The developer HAS thought of a 2nd play through in mind so that’s always a great sign.

I took the liberty of compiling a list of games that have great ‘NEW GAME +” modes.

The first game that comes to mind when I hear “NG+” is Squaresoft’s masterpiece,

Chrono Trigger (SNES).

Chrono Trigger is the epitome of new game PLUS. With 13 different endings and an engrossing storyline it was HARD not to try out the new game+. The game was amazing by itself but the NG+ mode just made it legendary.

Chrono Cross (PSX)

It would only make sense the indirect sequel to Chrono Trigger would have a great new game plus mode as well.  I believe it was an item called the “Time Egg” which allowed you to even speed up or slow down the game!

(Spoliers, notice the “Fast Forward Option displayed throughout the game”)

The World Ends With You (DS)

This was a fantastic game that grabbed me and didn’t let go.  After I beat the game I was amazed to find out that it had a New Game + mode.  Well, it wasn’t EXACTLY a new game + mode but after completing the game, the player can return to any day in the story and play those events again, keeping the characters’ current statistics and inventory.  The point of this continuation was for players to gather “Secret Reports”, written segments that reveal background elements of the story, can be unlocked through this mode by completing specific missions during each day.  Completing the game allows the player to access “Another Day” from the game’s menus, an additional day of missions that explains certain events related to the main storyline.  It was a great way to fill in any plot holes and extend the already amazing game.

Metal Gear Solid Series
The Metal Gear Solid has always had tradition NG+ modes.  Although if you met certain characteristics you could unlocked secret weapons and cloak suits that would make the next play through SO much fun.

Dead Space (XBOX360, PS3)

(Video pretty much explains everything)

Here is a small compilation of games I thought have GREAT “New Game +” modes.  What did you think?

Did I miss any good ones?  Do you like new game + mode?