I just got back from San Diego Comic Con 2009!

I’m sleep deprived but I’ll try to walk you through some of my experiences at SDCC.

Here are a few pictures from my trip:

I’m not sure where I saw this Gollum statue but I thought it was freaky/funny.

This was the view from my hotel, The Manchester Grand Hyatt,  thank God its right next to the convention center.

the only FF12 statue worth getting, Gabranth.  It looks so awesome I had to get it.

Its BLANKA!!  This guy did a great job, even down to the nails.

Some of the epic loot I got from the Con.   The moggle is for my soon to be born niece!

Polaris, Havoc and Psylocke Cosplayers at the awesome Kotobukiya booth.

Dan Paladin and Tom Fulp !  Castle Crashers creators!

Sold Out!  Luckily I got one on the first day.

The Capcom booth was AWESOME this year.  Lost Planet 2 was great and I’m really looking forward to that.

Dissidia figures at the Square Enix booth.  The demo was just actually released on PSN, GO GET IT!!

The Gnome Warlock is priceless, VoidWalker FTW!

Check out the rest in the photos section:


I’ll try to update with more pictures later on.