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1 man : 337 words

This is a column dedicated to my quest to becoming leet. It’s going to be raw, and spoken from the mind, so for those of you out there looking for a sophisticated read, sorry. I can guarantee, however, that while the syntax will not be as refined as some would expect, the ideas and experiences that I intend on sharing with all of you will be quite deep, as I delve into how serious I take gaming. To share a bit more about myself, I am the type of person that is neurotic about gaming. In this sense, what I mean is that if there is a game out there that I can relate to or admire, and that is worth my time, you can bet I will not only beat the game with bare minimum requirements, but I will make a strong effort to attain everything possible in that game. Can anyone relate? I know many of you can. And these experiences include all types of games, including some that people would consider competitive or time consuming such as Starcraft, Warcraft and WoW. My goal is to share with you my attempts at becoming as “pro” as possible at these games while still maintaining a life of my own. In doing so I hope to connect with all of you who may have had the same experiences and challenges, and hopefully better understand if my mentality towards games is a rare one or not.

This is NeoNovaX/-UMA-NovaDragon/Bruhaako/NeoNova signing in. My handles from various games mark a history for me that I would like to share with everyone. Some rules of the game are as follows. Every post I make for the first few weeks will be about one game I’ve dedicated to in my past, and my quest to taking my skills and experiences in that game to the next level. Another stipulation is that once the word count of my entry reached 337 words I come to an abrupt stop. I hope you enjoy…

Next week: Warcraft III.