I’ve been thinking about the PSPgo and how it’s an interesting move for Sony and for industry as a whole.

In my opinion the success of the PSPgo will largely be determined by how SONY handles the compatibility issue with existing UMDs.  One of the main reasons by the PS2 was so successful was because of its backward compatibility.  This was a smart move because it assured Sony consumers that their investment in previous software titles wasn’t a waste.  Even the PS3 followed this design scheme for PS2 compatibility.  Anytime you extend the life of a product it’s always a good idea for both consumers and developers.  Its great for the consumers because, hey its more bang for you buck right?  On the developer side its great news because it lowers the costs of developing games.  Working at a video game publisher I know that dev kits are expensive and anything to lower the costs of making a game helps.

As a current PSP owner I am a bit discouraged to buy the PSPgo.  The fist question that came to my mind was, “What about my UMD library?” (Still hasn’t been answered).  Although the digital download service does sound great and I’m not spending $250 for a product that is basically repackaged.  If Sony is expecting me to buy another PSP system they are largely mistaken.  The UMD compatibility is my deciding factor on whether or not I will purchase the PSP Go.   Besides having some core aesthetic design modifications, the PSPgo certain is not a HUGE upgrade from its predecessor.  It doesn’t really have much to offer besides being a digital only/PS3 friendly console.

My UMD collection so far…kinda hate to see it go to waste.

No details have been mentioned about how SONY will address the UMD issue.  They have been talks about opening up kiosks to accept the physical UMDs and transfer them into digital versions.  I can tell you right now this is NOT going to happen.  It will be impossible for Sony to coordinate the logistics of millions of UMDs being turned in, not to mention very costly.  The only thing I can think of that will be good for both Sony and the consumers is a partnership with retailers for store-credit.  Sony could partner with GameStop or Wal-Mart and have some sort of trade in program within existing brick and mortar retailers.  Either that or have an online redemption program.  I am really interested in seeing how this all works out.

If I can successful have all my UMDs into a digital library I will be 1 happy camper.  I will gladly spend $250 for an upgraded PSP.  When the PSP first came out my older brother bought it for me as a birthday gift.  One of the best gifts I’ve received in my lift.  I’ve loved it ever since.  Ever time a new PSP was released I traded in my old PSP and got the newer version.  In my own mind I justified this as keeping the “gift” that my alive.  I still use it everyday for music, movies and games. I think it’s a great system with a lot of potential that STILL has not been reached.  Sony I really hope the PSPgo doesn’t flop.

My “Vader” PSP running the recently PSN released FF7… damn after 10 years its still awesome.