I have mixed feelings about the new L4D 2.  It’s hard to believe after 1 year that Valve would release ANOTHER L4D before the first has even hit its stride.

L4D vs L4D2? Brotherly Hate?

In my opinion, L4D 2 will not only cannibalize on its predecessor’s sales but it was also hurt the community.  We can already see a lot of protesters complaining about the new game.  I believe I’ve seen a group on steam asking to petition the new game.  Ok, Valve this is a HORRIBLE sign for you.  It’s hard enough to market a game, but when you have a group dedicated to PREVENT sales… then you got issues you need to address.  Valve should really address the community and ease our minds of why a sequel is needed because as of right now we feel like we duped.

Don’t Call it L4D 2…

I think one big mistake Valve made was releasing a sequel too early.  In my mind, when a sequel comes out warranting a “2″ next to the title, it better be a fucking leap beyond the first.  And if it isn’t it better be different and damn fun.  Could it be that the original L4D wasn’t complete finished?  Maybe L4D2 was the game that Valve really wanted to release?  Either way I feel that Valve could’ve titled the game something more appropriate other than L4D 2.  Valve, should called the new game L4D, “Special Infected” or something else and tried to make it as a large add-on to the original game.  How about “Left 2 Die, Add-on to L4D”?

Why Not an add-on?
Blizzard has successfully done this several times with their expansion packs for several of their titles, StarCraft, Warcraft & WoW.  Valve claims that there was too much content for an add-on… are they using a new graphics engine?  Why fix something that isn’t broken.  L4D 2 just seems like a rushed decision to bank on a great IP.  This decision seems very corporate and it reflects within the gaming community.  The new characters and “melee” weapons don’t really pique my interest.  Also it seems as if the art direction has changed a little bit from the original game.  The original L4D was gritty and dark, thus appealing to the fans of the “zombie survival” genre.   The new game has an art style that reminds me of team fortress and this levity doesn’t go well with the game.

is that the scout from Team Fortress?!

At first glance L4D 2 doesn’t seem to be a huge upgrade but maybe Valve knows some we don’t.  Valve is known for delivering solid games and this game COULD be the “real” L4D we’ve been wanting.  Only time will tell if L4D2 will be good or not!  Regardless I’m getting it, curse you Valve!    What are your thoughts?  Are you going to buy the game?  Think Valve is screwing us?

Check out the trailer…