Its cross our minds at least once in our video game filled lives… fuck everything and become a PRO-GAMER.  I know its cross my mind once or twice.  But why haven’t we made the jump?  Why aren’t we pro gamers and living it up?  Here are the top 5 reasons why YOU aren’t a Pro-Gamer

#5.  Lack of Dedication

The first step to become a professional gamer is putting in the time.  You not only have to practice you ass off but you need to actually study every aspect of your game.  For example in Halo 3, you need to learn every map and every little trick before you can even compete with the best.  After that you need to join tournaments and build a name for yourself.   Most games also involve team based combat like Counter Strike or Halo 3.  This involves you find other teammates and actually practicing with your team.  All of these steps require a lot of time and dedication that most of us don’t have.

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#4 Relationships

It’s hard to find those special people who understand gaming and accept that you love it.  I’m pretty lucky I’ve managed to find someone who thinks Solid Snake is hot…(gross).  Even your parents won’t understand why you play Counter Strike til 2 in the morning.   Spending so much time practicing and honing your skills will have negative effects on your social life.  If you are a guy considering becoming a pro-gamer you need to watch this video…

LOL @ “Uber-Micro” & Noob

Pwning Noobs is not an easy job.  You need to have zero margin of error and the hand eye coordination of a demi-god.  But above all else you need to be able to kickass under huge amounts of stress.  Those who can keep a calm head and remain focused usually do well in online competitions.  Here is an example of a pro gamer who can’t handle the “pressure”

We all know WoW is one of the most competitive games out there but this kid is just ridiculous.
Look at what playing WoW professionally has done to this poor nerd.  Nerd Rage at its finest.

2.  Money
While you are busy practicing for the next competition, who’s paying the bills?  Most of us can’t afford to play games all day.  From cell phone bills, rent, utilities, internet, FOOD…. bills suck ass.  A lot of people think all pro-gamers make a lot of money, but only a handful of gamers make it to or past $100,000.  Money is pretty tight these days so here is an article I found that can save you $12,000 a year!

1.  Skills
The number one reason why you aren’t a pro-gamer is because you just don’t have the skills.  Your lack of skills might be due to some of the reasons listed above but the bottom line is: People are just better than you at video games.  It could be that they have better hand eye coordination or they just have better 3D spatial recognition, reflexes, intuition…  Who knows!  The fact of the matter is, pro-gamers have skills that we do not posses.

Let’s take the street fighter series as an example.
Sure you can throw a hadoken and pull off a crazy fierce upper cut, then shoryuken.  But can you anticipate Chun Li’s ultra combo, counter it with god like reflexes and then do your own ultra combo?  I think not.  Check out this godlike video of 2 Pro-gamers in Street Fighter 3.  Speechless.