This one will actually be two posts in one peeps due to the awesomeness which has been learned. 50 cent (topic #1) will be making a special appearance at our local Play N Trade (topic #2) to promote his latest video game, 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand. Catch him around 3:30pm on April 30th but don’t hurry off after seeing the icoin (sorry…terrible pun. Just had to do it). There will be other events happenin’ that day such as “Buy 1 Used/Get 1 Used for 50 Cents Sale”, special giveaways, and a Street Fighter/Virtua Fighter event with one of the best, Justin Wong.

Check him out at NYC’s Play N Trade

Moving on to topic #2, Play N Trade may sound new to some of you including myself however, the franchise has been around since 2000/o1. There happen to be two Play N Trades located here in NYC. What’s awesome about this franchise is that it is exactly what it sounds like. You are allowed you try any new or used title before you buy. INSANE! For the longest time I’ve desired such an establishment. The option to try before you buy is not only the most humbling options a video game franchise can offer but it is the most conscience of the poor gamers’ pockets. If you live in NYC, give ‘em a shot. We need more businesses like this. The more you buy the more we can kiss those buy without try days goodbye.

Definitely not a Play N Trade you will find here in the city but still pretty sweet to look at.