I recently bought Valkyria Chronicles at gamestop for $30.  Its an amazing deal and I highly recommend picking up a copy. I can easily say that this game is THE BEST strategy/RPG on the PS3.

I love the story and found the anime cut scenes to be amazing.  Just when I thought I couldn’t get any more of this awesome game I found out that the first episode of the animated series is available on the Japanese PSN.  It is available in 2 formats  HD (400 yen) and SD (300 yen).  If you own a PS3 you already have a nice tv so might as well get the HD version.

Or if you are a cheap Internet Pirate!  Damn those Pirates are crazy, they are all over CNN!!  OK i digress…

If you are famaliar with Bittorrent you can download all the episodes here:


wriXeL does not promote piracy…. i aint saying, I’m just saying…

Although the game didn’t do as well financially I still believe is a gem that got overlooked by the masses.

Here is a link to the official japanese site: