By Steve Watts, via    04/07/2009

So I was pleasantly surprised this morning when I heard that one of my favorite video agmes was becoming a full length feature film.

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“One of the most beloved games of the PlayStation 2 may be on its way to the big screen, reports Variety. Shadow of the Colossus has been picked up by Sony Pictures with Kevin Misher producing. His name is credited for The Scorpion King, The Interpreter, and the upcoming Dune.

Now for the (potentially) bad news. The script is being written by Justin Marks, who you may remember wrote Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li. That movie was an unfortunate dud, but we can hope that it was just a fluke. Marks has a big task ahead of him, making a feature-length movie out of a game with minimal dialogue and very few speaking characters. The report claims that minor characters from the game may take a larger role. And of course, Variety reminds us that the path from studio to screen is a long one, and anything can happen in-between. We’ll keep an eye out for this one and hope for the best.”