The next two weeks are going to be pretty exciting. After a couple of months using our “Massive” theme, its been decided to update our current theme and move on to bigger and better things. wriXeL has teamed up with web designer, Matt Brett, in redesigning the website.

While we are still in the design/testing phases here are few things we are looking to implement:

- Fresh new design and look

- Upgraded User Profiles

Add your own customized icons, show us what you are playing/ listening to

- A Messaging system

- Submissions Section

Hopefully this will allow users to submit articles & pictures.

- Video Section

This will include gaming footage, custom music videos, and eventually our podcast.

- Photo Section

This section will be updated daily and will feature unique pictures that we find in our day to day lives.

While these are only a few items we are working on we plan on having much more in store for you guys. Hopefully everything will go smoothly! We hope to see you after the jump! If you have any suggestions, now is the time! Literally, redesign starts tomorrow!