wriXeL is proud to introduce a new site:

I actually know the creator of the site and was lucky enough to get an interview.

Zero Echo: Hello, can you please introduce yourself?

Beta1986: My name is Beta 1.9.86 (^_~) & in the famous words of Gwen Stefani “I’m just a girl.”

Zero Echo: What made you create the site?

Beta1986: A desire for something new and refreshing in the video game field. I’ve blogged before but felt I didn’t have enough resources to deem me unique. So I decided to go with something that hasn’t been done or done commonly.

Zero Echo: Awesome, I’ve noticed that you have a submission area for your site.  Can you briefly describe how to submit your work?

Beta1986: Sure. Each field is a required field. The user must fill in each field in order to submit content to us. Clicking the Submit button thereafter is all it takes to process a visitor’s submission.

Zero Echo: so anyone can submit anything at anytime?

Beta1986: Correct (^_^)

Zero Echo: Really? How do you prevent assholes from submitting garbage?

Beta1986: LOL. I don’t. Those who wish to entertain me, You are more than welcomed (^_^) But those who wish to send video game related poetry, I thank you one millionth in advance. (^_~)*

Zero Echo: What games are you currently playing?

Beta1986: Well, whenever I get the free time, I’m drowning in the world of Fallout 3.
Otherwise, You can catch me in the Chinatown arcade (NYC) playing DDR or Street Fighter 4.

Zero Echo: Ken or Ryu?

Beta1986: Ha ha! *thinking* I would have to say Ryu. I like my guys to be tall, dark and handsome. However, I do not play as Ryu. I prefer using Sakura.

Zero Echo: Xbox or PS3?

Beta1986: XBOX 360. With every past exclusive title of Sony’s being ported to the 360, there’s almost no reason other than Blu-Ray for me to purchase a PS3. However, I still want one. (^_^) i don’t like to be biased. I love ‘em all. I just have a fav child. I know, I’m a terrible mother.

Zero Echo: In closing, anything you’d like to say to future 1337 Poets?

Beta1986: For those who wish to support me by showing interweb love…YOU ROCK! (^_^)

I’m going to submit some gangster Gaming RAPS (counts as poetry right?), so go check it out!! Submit your own stuff!