It snowed a lot today so I spent most of my day working on my XBL gamer score.  I played some Lego Indiana Jones and pretty much destroyed the game getting 940/1000 of the achievements.  I could have gotten the last 60 points for the full 1000, but I honestly did not want to sit and “farm” for them.

You might not have noticed but wriXeL now has a widget on the right sidebar showing my current Xbox Live Gamer Card.  It’s updated with the new NXE theme and shows my most recently played games.  Most of the info is generated from .   It’s a pretty cool site and I recommend it to anyone who plays over XBOX Live.

Anyways feel free to send me a message or add me.

With Street Fighter 4 Coming up I’d love to challenge people or maybe have a wriXeL operated tournament!  Let me know if you are interested.  Maybe we can have SSF2 Turbo HD remix battles….