By PaulCorps & wriXeL

With the release of Bionic Commando Rearmed, 1941, and Super SF2 HD remix on Xbox live/PSN it seems that a new trend in remaking old games has spread like wild-fire. I say, “Let it Burn! I absolutely love the idea of re-defining old games with brand new graphical polish and gameplay. I wish every classic game (Zelda 2 anybody?) received this make-over, but that’s likely never to happen.

Alas Zelda will never be remade. 

Be that as it may, I would love to set up petitions for certain games. If the response was large enough, this would prove to companies that large fan-base still exist for older games. Maybe then video game developers would consider remaking that old school titles (and hopefully see $$ signs which I’m sure is a major deciding factor). To start off with the petition, I think a game that deserves another chance in the spotlight and would dramatically benefit from a “make-over” is Blaster Master on the NES. The story of Jason in search of his frog always captivated me with its Metroid-esque gameplay and alternating between tank missions and solo missions in addition to giant boss battles. This game was truly before its time.

Here is a gameplay video.

I never got sick of playing this game back in the day. Not to mention how difficult it was and a remake will lend us some save points and perhaps I would actually finish it. I googled Sunsoft (the publisher on the box), however they don’t exist as a video game company anymore and I am unsure whom to submit a petition to or contact. Either way, anybody agree with this?

Here are some fan made pictures of what a remake COULD look like:

These images were produced by “DFSTORMBRINGER”

Another game title that I would LOVE to see is “DOUBLE DRAGON”. Double Dragon is the epitome of Co-op beat-em up side scrollers. With all of these classic remakes, I have yet to hear any news about a Double Dragon remake. My friends and I would spend hours kicking ass, throwing bad guys off ledges and perfecting the “hurricane kick”. I believe “ATLUS” has the rights to series but who knows what they have in mind. A remake doesn’t even have to be a huge deal, a simple graphical overhaul is sure to make money. What developers are slowly realizing is that there is a huge market for these remakes (granted they are fun and capture the old-school essence). Not to mention that these games can be easily distributed over XBL/PSN.

Update the sprites, add some new enemies and we are set!

this images was made by “crowbrandon”

Billy & Jimmy Lee, its time to come back!

Maybe they can continue with the story line, “TRIPLE DRAGONS”?  Add a new female character?

Meet “Haruna Lee”, Brandon & Jimmy Lee’s cousin.

The 3rd playable character…. OK I totally made this up, but come on, wouldn’t that be cool?

Let the petitions begin! If not Blaster Master or Double Dragon, what old school game would you want to see redone? Lets us know! We will be using Comments as “Petition Signatures” so please leave us comments!

We’ll contact the video game developers & handle the rest!

This article was a collaborative effort by:

PaulCorps & wriXeL


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