thats right…this trailer has got to be the WORST TRAILER I have ever seen in my life.  How the hell did this trailer get approved?  Maybe its just me but I didn’t find it funny at ALL.  This trailer actually makes me want to NOT buy the game.  Not only do I find it demeaning to asian women the trailer only shows 4 seconds of the gameplay.   4 SECONDS?!  Are you serious?  This game has got to be one of the biggest turds in the world.  I’m predicting its will receive less than a 5 out of 10 on any mainstream review site.  The premise seems simple enough and yet leave it to a shitty PR team to mess things up.   Wow, Bikini Zombie killers…. you can’t get an easier PR job…the game can practically sell itself…  The world amazes me sometimes.

wow pay me $100 and I’ll make you a better trailer in 1 hour.