With the release of Left 4 Dead, I was worried that I might be too overwhelmed with Zombie goodness. My fears were quickly silenced after loading up the Resident Evil 5 demo…

Since the announcement of Resident 5, gamers worldwide have been eagerly anticipating the next-gen continuation of the zombie horror series that started it all. Resident Evil 5 basically takes everything that was good about #4 and upgrades it to the next level. Capcom has taken their new formula and has refined it for #5. The development team is also introducing “Co-Op” into the Resident Evil series. The demo plays like a champ and it looks like Capcom has delivered another classic.

I had some pretty high expectations for Resident Evil 5 and I was doubtful that Capcom could outperform #4. Rest assured #5, is a guaranteed hit. I’m not sure if it will do better than #4, but from the demo it might just be the best in the series. I didn’t like how they changed the inventory system or the god awful split screen for CO-OP but I’m sure Capcom will fix these for the live game. Needless to say but these issues are very minor.

Watch as one of our own wriXeL Crew totally rips through the demo,

In conclusion:

RE5 boosts unparalleled graphics and sounds delivering a truly hair raising experience. The presentation for the demo alone is very nice and I’m sure the full retail version will be just as good. The gameplay never misses a beat and is still as awesome as ever. RE5 is due out in March, so we only have a small wait!

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