LittleBigPlanet, is a puzzle platformer for the PS3.  The game is massive and truly one of a kind.  When reviewing a game I can usually draw comparisons to other games, but in LBP case it’s hard to make a connection with anything else.  The closest comparison I could come up of is:  “LBP is like a remixed version of Mario with really cute puppets dolls”.   I feel that even this comparison doesn’t do either game any justice.   Anyways, I was lucky enough to score a copy of LBP about 2 weeks ago (pre-release version) and have been playing it ever since.  For the most part the game lives up to the hype but there are a few things I don’t like.  I just want to mention that this review is based on my gameplay for the past 2 weeks.  (Don’t send me hate mail if I’ve offended your precious “game”)

Alright so let’s begin!

Visually, LBP is a truly beautiful game.  It has lush colors and solid character designs.  The game has a unique “cute” style and its fun to look at.  The art direction is simply stunning and sometimes it’s like watching an animated movie.  The game has an indescribable charm that instantly captivates you.  I was skeptical at first but once I saw  “Sackboy” I knew the game would be fun.  I spent a good couple of minutes customizing my Sackboy.  I eventually decided to go with a Vampire looking one.

Eventually I plan on making one that looks like a badass Samurai  (Kenshin).

“More over Mario, its SACKBOY”

I have always place huge emphasis on “Music & Sound Effects”.  I’ve always believed that any great game must have an awesome sounds track / sound effects.  LBP has one of the BEST video games soundtracks that I’ve ever heard.  It offers a wide variety of music based on the type of stage you are in.  The music is generally happy and cheerful but it some levels it can be dark and mysterious.  The sound effects are superb and I can honestly say that the sound is nearly perfect.   I am definitely getting the soundtrack once it comes out.

When you break LBP down to its core-elements, it’s a simple platformer.  If you aren’t a fan of jumping around in a 2D world, then LBP is not the game for you.  The game is basically non-stop variations of the same thing.  These variations are REALLY good, but if they aren’t your cup of tea, then you won’t like the game.  All you need to know is the “jump” and “grab” button.  Although the level design is superb I found that some sections were a pain to get past.  I also noticed that the movement controls weren’t as responsive as I had hoped.  This is mainly due to the game’s awesome physics engine.  Yes, the physics engine is TOO real, thus making it difficult when trying to jump to certain locations.  This is a minor issue though because you get used to jumping around after the first couple of hours.   I also got annoyed with switch from different planes.  Although the game is a “2D” game you can move into the background.    It’s hard to describe but sometimes when you jump, automatically jump into the background.  This caused a bunch of problems when I would try to reach a certain ledge only to miss because I was on a different plane.

Each stage has a unique look & feel.

I started to mess around with the Scenario Editor but realized that a really good stage would take FOREVER to build.  I honestly started planted a few trees and then realized how hard making a “GOOD” stage would be. Although LBP claims its “easy” to make you own levels…its really not.  Sure its easy to plant a few trees down but to create a large and “FUN” level would take an immense amount of time.  However, if you have the time and dedication this world editor is something that is amazing and very powerful.  The average gamer probably will check it out once or twice and then move on to playing maps made by others.

The wriXeL crew is considering making a map so stay tuned!!

Also if you have any cool map ideas we’d love to hear them!

On a different note, a friend of mine told me that “pre-release” LBPs were going for $200 on ebay. Wow!  Although Sackboy is cute I couldn’t pass up the catch to make a quick buck.  I thought I was pretty slick but then once again EBAY had to ruin everything and canceled my auction.

I thought Sackboy could make me a few dollars…

The main highlight of LBP and the single reason why you should purchase the game is because of its AMAZING Multiplayer.  LBP is ridiculously fun with a few friends.  A simple task of crossing a bridge is amazingly fun with a few friends.  Although the camera does tend to be a little weird with a bunch of people it is easily over looked.  Watch this video if you don’t believe me.

If this video looked fun, then you know what to expect from LBP.

Here is a brief summary of this article.

Why you should buy:

  • Great level and story design
  • Excellent music, sound effects, and voice overs
  • Highly customizable
  • High Replayability factor
  • Awesome Multiplayer Fun!
  • Map Creator

Why you shouldn’t buy:

  • Playing Solo is not fun
  • Camera struggles in multiplayer
  • Automatically shifting between planes is annoying
  • Controls aren’t as responsive as you’d like
  • Not interested into building maps or customizing your Sackboy.


In conclusion, LBP is a solid game.  If you are a fan of platformers then I highly recommend purchasing LBP.   LBP is a great multi-player game and it is a different experience from when you play it by yourself.  Most of this review was written when I was playing solo and I must saying playing with others is 10x more fun.  The map creator is very detailed and the average player will probably not spend too much time making a map.  However, I am positive dedicated fans will create superb maps to keep the LBP experience fresh and new. The community is already thriving and the best of LBP is yet to come.  That being said, this game is not perfect and definitely not for everyone.  LittleBigplanet is a wonderful experience and something truly unique.  I would definitely encourage you to pick up the game if you agree with the reasons stated above.   wriXeL gives LBP a excited 8.56 out of 10.