Metal Gear Solid 4 is easily in my top 5 favorite games of all time. That being said I still found that the game had a lot of WEIRD and horribly wrong moments.

The game definitely had too many “Perverted” scenes. A couple perverted scenes can be over looked but a full blown PHOTO Shoot?! Its even has moaning sounds in the background~!  I definitely think the game could’ve done without the photo shoot.

Also can some1 please tell me why Naomi is dressed like a slut? Watch this video… why is a genius scientist showing off that much?! Hmm?

- I had to constantly swap items. From the “SOLID EYE” > “RATIONS” > “SOLID EYE”.  Also from the Tranquilizer gun > M4 > Rocket Launcher > M4. Konami couldn’t fix this?  The directional pad wasn’t even used in the game… I’m sure they could’ve made this more seamless.

- When Snake crawls very slowly he looks absolute ridiculous.  WTF is he doing?

- Ocelot became a b*tch. The son of “Boss”, a triple agent and badass solider, gets owned by Liquids hand?! Wtf?

- OK so Sunny saves everyone with FOX ALIVE?? So you’re telling me a 5 year old kid saves mankind by outsmarting military intelligence and creating super computer virus? rightttt!

(good job Sunny!)

Johnny?! Are you serious?  How are you going to make a minor character like Johnny and give him a major role? Hideo could’ve made him a Grey fox clone or SOMETHING cooler… Johnny? From mgs!? GTFO

- Tons of useless guns.  Its cool to have a wide selection of weapons but really, besides your core 4 to 5 weapons… are the other really necessary?  I only used the M4, P90, Desert Eagle (just cause i wanted to be badass) and the Traq gun.

- Drebin’s Monkey. I wanted to shoot his face off.

Hopefully they will get it right for #5!

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