After playing this game for a solid month I think it’s safe to say that I have seen it all.  I usually don’t play a game for more than the time it takes to beat it but “The World Ends With You” managed to captivate my attention for much longer than anticipated. This review may be biased because I am a huge J-RPG fan.  If you hate Final Fantasy and loath anything turn-based I advise that you stop reading.  For those of you who enjoy the occasional random encounters, equipping items, and leveling characters please continue reading…

This first thing I want to mentioned about “The World Ends With You” (TWEWY) is that it has a very unique style. Tetsuya Nomura was in charge of character designs and his work is amazing. You might recognize his character designs from critically acclaimed RPG, “Kingdom Hearts”. TWEWY has a J-rock theme and although it seems a little weird the game manages to pull off nicely.

The main character Neku, looks like Sora’s little brother…I would love to see these 2 fight it out. I got my money on Sora. Taking all bets!!

TWEWY is one of the best DS games I’ve come across because of its insane gameplay and comprehensive character customization.  Battling monsters in TWEWY is so much fun.  It’s a little hard at first but once you get a hang of it battle across 2 screens can be thrilling and very satisfying.

The game also features an interesting twist on equipment. TWEWY takes place in a Japanese city called Shibuya. Based on the area of the city you are in the equipment you use you can either deal double or half damage depending on the popularity of that brand. It sounds complicated but its actually pretty minor and you can pretty much where whatever you like…

TWEWY introduces a new “PIN” System where you collect pins in order to perform attacks/specials. The game has over 100 pins and it’s really fun to collect and master each new pin.

The story is a lot like a manga called GANTZ. To simplify things, its basically about a group of people who have “died” and must play a game to come back to life. Of course this game evolves running around the city and killing monsters and such. GOOD OL’ J-RPG action!


The music is catchy at first but after listening to the same songs for a couple of days it starts to get a little old. The game eventually adds new sound tracks into the game which keeps things fresh. You can also listen to these tracks within the game so you can rock out to your favorite jams at any time.

All things considered I really enjoyed “The Worlds Ends With You”. It’s a fresh new series which introduced gameplay elements that I have never seen before. The story was engaging and the music was jamming. This is a wonderful DS game that you should definitely pickup.  wriXeL gives this game a 9.1 out of 10.  “ITS THAT ZETTTA GOOOD” (inside joke, play the game ^_~ )


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