It’s really hard to make a “TOP” List of any kind. There are numerous factors to consider and everyone has varying opinions. Rating and comparing Anime is like comparing apples to oranges. How do compare a cult classic like Cowboy Bebop to another epic such as Princess Mononoke? You can’t… or at least I cant. Instead of attempting a ridiculous ranking system, here is wriXeL’s list of completely unranked, TOP 25 Animes.


Right from the start of the series Full Metal Alchemist (FMA) grabs you and doesn’t let go. FMA takes place in a world where “alchemists” can use their powers to change physical objects into a different form. For example you could change a tree into a wooden sword as long as it retains it basic composition. Sounds kinda stupid but once you watch a few episodes you’ll wish you could “transmute” things in real life. The story follows two brothers, Ed and Al Elric, as they try to restore their bodies after a transmutation accident. The story evolves into something much deeper and within a few episodes you’ll get hooked! In a perfect mix of humor, adventure and action FMA is a classic that every anime fan should watch.

Here is a sample of what the show is like:


How do I even begin with Macross Plus… Let’s just say this list was delayed because I start watching the series and I couldn’t turn it off. Macross Plus can best be described as an Anime version of TOP GUN, with Mech-robot jets, love triangles and awesome visual effects. The story evolves around Isamu and Guld, former best friends, who are now forced to work together to test a prototype jetfighter for the military. During this testing they are reunited with Myung, the childhood friend responsible for the rift between them. Myung is the producer of the next hottest pop star and still the object of affection for both protagonists. An amazing story, visuals and music, Macross Plus is a MUST watch. It was produced by industry legends such as, Shoji Kawamori (Original Macross), Shinichiro Watanabe (Cowboy Bebop), and Yoko Kanno (Musical Genius). This trailer does not do the show any justice but still it’s a good preview.


I could write a page about why this anime is so awesome but that would be a waste of your time. So here it is in a quick bullet point format:

- Incredible Story (Bounty Hunters in a cool futuristic setting)

- Awesome Characters and Pets (Ein!)


- Slick Animation

Ok I just realized that this is a horrible summary of Cowboy Bebop. Seriously, just watch a few episodes and you’ll see why it’s so good. Its been on cartoon network for 4 years, how BAD could it be?


Anime and “Badass” are two words that don’t really go together but Berserk is an exception to that rule. Berserk is a medieval fantasy anime focusing on a warrior named Guts. Guts is a badass mercenary who gets recruited by an ambitious man known as Griffith, the leader of the Band of Hawks. Griffith strives to bring his group to the highest ranks of the military. As they become increasingly famous and powerful things quickly turn for the worse. Friends die, demons start kicking ass, and feelings get hurt. QQ

BTW I forgot to mention that anime is really graphic and its not uncommon for people’s disemboweled limbs fly all over the place.

Berserk was a dark fierce tale of war, hate and betray. Magic is mysterious and you can only trust the sword in front of you.

Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust

I’m not gonna lie…. I usually download most of my anime. This movie is one of the VERY RARE occasions where I have actually purchased anime. Why would I buy such a movie? I loved the original Vampire Hunter D, even though I thought the animation was a little dated. BLOODLUST, which is the 2nd animated movie, promised the same amazing storyline with slick and truly ingenious animation. Vampire Hunter D follows a half human- half vampire as he hunts down and kills monsters, vile creatures and other vampires. Unlike its predecessors, Bloodlust didn’t have a clear cut evil character. The vampire in this film shows compassion and humanity and its hard to take sides. Being a half breed “D” faces all sorts of discrimination and its interesting to see how it all playhs out. If you like any of the “BLADE” movies you will love: Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust.

Stay Tuned! The list is far from over! Coming up in Part 2: Code Geass, Death Note, Eureka 7, FLCL, and Last Exile