Iron Man! It seems everywhere I go people are talking about the new “Iron Man”. I’ve been closely following this movie and eagerly anticipating its release. Iron Man is the first MARVEL movie to be solely produced in-house. All of the Spiderman movies were made in conjunction with SONY and I believe many creative aspects were lost in the partnership. Fantastic Four was also made with FOX and I thought the film didn’t fully capture the true essence of the Fantastic Four.

I am a huge comic fan and each Marvel movie I see is the subject of extreme scrutiny. Iron Man is the latest edition in the Marvel movie library and after watching it I have nothing but good things to say. Iron Man is THE BEST MARVEL movie to date…


Ok maybe “THE BEST” is pushing it, but seriously, Iron Man is a really good movie.

The story of Iron Man revolves around Tony Stark, a genius inventor. After creating weapons of destruction his whole life, Tony has a change of heart and decides to become a good guy. Simple enough right? The acting is solid and Robert Downey Junior does an excellent job. The cheesy moments are done perfectly and the movie is very well paced. I was never bored for a single minute.












Hardcore Comic book fans will not be disappointed. I know Fantastic Four was a let down but I assure IRON MAN delivers. On the flip side, people without any comic book knowledge will equally enjoy the movie. Anyone can appreciate the special effects and related to Tony Stark’s Character.  I was afraid that the computer graphics would look shoddy or unrealistic but Iron Man delivers like a champ. Each scene looks absolutely stunning. Don’t believe me? Check this clip out.


They only negative criticism I have is with the last action sequence. I don’t want to ruin the movie for you, but let me just say: I want MORE!! The last scene wasn’t bad, but I just thought it could have been better.











In conclusion, Iron Man is not your average comic-book movie. It’s a stellar film with a fantastic cast and wonderful CGI effects. It’s a thrill ride from start to finish and leaves you wanting more. Comic book fans will pick up a lot of inside jokes and marvel at a classic comic come to life.













wriXeL gives Iron Man a 9.1 out of 10. Seriously we never give anything above a 9, its really that good.