Last Thursday I had the opportunity to catch the new Kung-fu flick, “The Forbidden Kingdom”(FB). I saw the trailer for this movie a couple months ago and it left a great impression on me. Here is the trailer:

Awesome trailer right?

I try to watch movies without any expectations but after watching this trailer its hard not to expect a lot.  I was ready to be disappointed with the film, but to my surprise the movie actually met my high standards.

The story follows a young man, Michael Angarano, as he accidentally gets involved in an age-old feud between 2 power warriors. The story is corny and predictable but still entertaining.  Sometimes the story seemed rushed but overall it was well paced.  Many moments of the film reminded me of my favorite nickelodeon show, the AVATAR. Some scenes also reminded me of things I’ve seen in Lord of the Rings.

If you’ve never watched “AVATAR” I highly recommend watching it.  The show is intended for younger audiences but if you can look past some corny dialogue its actually a great show.


FB also featured two beautiful actresses that I have never seen before.

Actresses: Li Bing Bing & Liu Yifei.  (Which one is prettier?)

What you don’t care about the story? How’s the Kung-fu? He is a small sample of what’s in store:

The kung fu was cool but its nothing you haven’t seen before. Both Jet Li & Jackie Chan did an awesome job with their martial arts and acting.  I found Jet Li’s Chinese accent to be a little overwhelming during certain scenes.  This was a minor issue and didn’t really affect the movie.

In conclusion, Forbidden King is fun, light hearted movie with great kung-fu action. The story is ordinary but still engaging. I would recommend this movie for parents looking for a suitable movie to watch with their kids.  It’s great for younger audiences but amusing enough so you aren’t pulling out your hair.

wriXeL gives the Forbidden Kingdom a 7.38 out of 10