This is my second time attending the NY Comic Con and I definitely learned a few things from my first visit. Here is some advice that I have for the uninitiated.


1) Get to the Con early. Lines will get disgustingly long so don’t waste your time outside.














2) Bring a Camera!!!!! No one is going to believe that you were right next to Hayden Panettiere unless you have proof. Please you prob see a lot of people dressed up. ^^;












3) Dress comfortably. Sneakers/ jeans. You’ll be walking around a lot.

4) Bring water/snacks. You’ll be walking around for a while and you WILL get hungry/thirsty. You can always buy them there but they are over priced and out of the way. The Javits Center has food downstairs but it helps to have something in between.

5) Check out the schedule now and see what interests you. Know exactly what you MUST see. The convention is huge so plan around these events and coordinate. You don’t have to be a logistic master but it helps to know going on.

Here is the schedule: Comic Con Schedule

Here is a PDF to print out: Schedule PDF


6) Bring cash. Sure you’ll get a lot of free stuff too, but the real goodies will cost you. I didn’t think I would spend a lot of money last year but I ended up running out of funds. I don’t have a specific amount to suggest because that all depending on how much you want to spend. A signed piece of artwork ranges from $15-20. T-shirts also cost about the same price. Also some celebrities charge you to take pictures with them. I COULD’VE had an awesome picture with Gary Coleman but he charged me $5. At the time I was extremely low on funds and I didn’t think it was worth it… plus Gary was being a prick so I passed.

In retrospect this was a huge mistake. I should’ve just paid him the $5. It would’ve been a priceless picture.











7) Bring a book bag to carry your free junk. They give away free manga books, post cards, sample comics, sample music. Last year SONY had these COOL bags which were awesome. I suggest to get your free SONY bag, make a quick round around the COMIC CON and get your free STUFF early.











8) Weather for Friday and Sunday is expected to be Sunny at 70 F. I say skip the coat check and get right to the good stuff!

9) Know you way around the area. Here is a map of the Javits center.

Here is the map to the exhibition area: Exhibitor Area Map

Here is the showmap:


























That’s IT!! I know most of this list is common sense but I hope it helps.

Get ready to have fun! I’ll see YOU @ the Con!!

Stay Tuned for wriXeL Comic Con coverage! Pictures, BOOTH Babes and NEWS!!!

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