Last day of COMIC CON!

For Pictures from day 1 & day 2 go here:

Day 1Day 2 (I’ve updated these 2 posts)

First lets begin with the $25,000 Captain America….$25,000

I honestly thought it was $25.  If I was SUPER rich I would buy one…. but alas I am super POOR.

SQUARE-ENIX had a booth and I managed to get the LAST original Cloud & Hardy Daytona.

It is not available until the summer! Suckers ! >=D

YES, can you believe it?  Gears of War TOYS….

Of course if you were playing me on XBOX Live you’d look like this guy.

Just a normal shot of the showroom floor.

I wanted to check this out but I had no time.  ( I swear its not because i was scared. o.O )

Yes, the only decent looking booth babes @ the Convention.  The Ayre Force Girls.

Tired Fans getting well deserved massages.  (I should’ve gotten one)

haha i Love these things.  They are hilarious.

A life size statue of Princess Leia.  She looks cute, how do you describe that look? Anime-ish??

This was the MARVEL booth…. You can see the HULK towering over the CROWD.

YU-GI-OH Cards!!  Seriously this is like crack for kids.  I don’t know why but it JUST is…

THE WHITE SHAKA!!  This guy was dancing for the whole day…  I caught him while he was dusting the dirt off his shoulders.

OK, seriously this game is actually not that bad…

I don’t know why but towards the end of the Con, the UBISOFT people just handed me the game.

I forget exactly what these were but they were cute.   


… and thats a wrap.  The CON is over!!   Until next year folks!!

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