Ok, I got to NY Comic Con around 6:30PM.   I missed a lot of things during the day but I tried to make up for lost time.

Here is what I managed to see with the 2.5 hours I had to work with…


Square-Enix has a booth with Toys and MODELS!!   You don’t have to wait a month for your stuff to ship from Japan!

O.o !! Yes, for $25 you can buy your very own emo-“Cloud Strife”. Collect the whole group!













I also had a chance to test out the upcoming IRON MAN video game.  Most movie video games don’t do very well but I believe IRON MAN will break that curse. 

The game is really fun and the control feel perfect.  The demo is very polished and flying around is a blast.  Showing lasers and blowing stuff up is just too fun.

I’ll try to get a video when I go back tomorrow.














Uh yea, here is a random Diablo-ish  poster…



















There was a HUGE Hulk Statue in the middle of the MARVEL booth.   The movie looks like its going to be much better than the first one.  Don’t you think the HULK has sort of a ANIME look to him??






















What are all these people waiting for???  FREE MARVEL Stuff!! Marvel was cool enough to give its fans a bunch of free swag.   Hopefully I’ll be able to get some tomorrow.












So why don’t I have more pictures or videos? I not going to lie…. I spent a lot of time @ the Jenna Jameson “Shadow Hunter” Comic Panel.

Jenna talks about her comic, Shadow Hunter. 











I have added the video to the Day 2 entry.












I promise more/better pictures tomorrow.

Stay tuned….more celebrities, more videos, maybe booth babes??? o.O?



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