When I had first watched Episode one I was not convinced that Gundam 00 would be a good show. Now that I have finished the series I can easily say that Gundam 00 is a solid Anime. Despite its flaws it kept me entertained for the majority of the season. The season has been a roller coaster for me starting off sluggish and then picking up towards the end.

Here is a per episode review chart.











Gundam 00 takes place in the year 2307. At this time 3 nations, the Union, the Human Reformist Alliance and the AEU, are in control of an orbital elevator that provides solar energy. Although these countries enjoy the benefits of solar energy the rest of the world’s nations do not reap the same benefits. This unequal distribution of wealth/energy causes war and conflict throughout the world. Amidst the seemingly endless conflict a new mysterious military organization known as Celestial Being appears. This organization warns the world that they will end all warfare by using advanced technological suits called Gundam. These Gundam are extremely powerful and intervene on all military actions with deadly force. Celestial Being positions itself as the world police and the series focuses on the conflicts between the 3 super nations, Celestial Being, and other factions.










Gundam fans will not be disappointed with this reiteration of the Gundam vision. It’s similar to Seed, and Waltz but still manages to be fresh. The animation is good but it’s nothing we haven’t seen before.

In conclusion Gundam00 attempts to be greater than its predecessors but fails. The show positions itself as a political, thought-provoking Anime but leaves you with unimaginative characters and redundant action sequences. The show has one or two characters that ARE interesting but fails at highlighting them. It rehashes political themes that have been in other Animes for the past 10 years. Despite these flaws Gundam 00 is still entertaining. I somehow never get tired of watching giant robots fight it out with lasers shooting everywhere. The animation is slight above par and the audio is good. The season features nice OP/ED songs featuring, L’Arc~en~Ciel. Season 1 sets up a great stage for Season 2 which is coming out after Code Geass Season 2.











As a series Gundam 00 just gains a wriXeL endorsement. The show is not for everyone but if you are into mechs you won’t be disappointed. We give Gundam00 a 77.52 out of 100.

Check out this Linkin Park / Gundam 00 Mash. straight from the wriXeL Labs. 

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  1. Nacho says:

    It’s not over yet!

  2. Wrixel says:

    haha whats up SacDeDouche, damn who said that again? was it Jin ?

  3. Nacho says:

    If I’m not mistaken, it was Zero was Mega Man X4 or something. It just came to me this morning. Yes, I’m THAT nerdy.

  4. hayase says:

    >>I somehow never get tired of watching giant robots fight it out with lasers shooting everywhere

    That’s why we’re mecha fans!

    >>The season has been a roller coaster for me starting off sluggish and then picking up towards the end

    Yes, somehow it manages to pick up and prevent a major flop. I still can’t forgive that golden monstrosity though.

  5. wrixel says:

    Yea I guess I’m a sucker for giant robots ^^. I thought Alexandro Corner was a horrible character and totally underdeveloped. Why did he hate Aelio S. so much? Where the hell did he get all those GN drives? Golden monstrosity indeed, yea that was pretty bad.

    Its ok we have CODE GEASS now! >.< woot more mechas.

  6. 网站分析 says:

    when will the second season start? August or October?

  7. okami136 says:

    season 2 starts in Oct 2008. i think its going to take Code Geass R2’s tv slot. is that right wriX?

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