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Infamous for his mass array of original character creations, Ogure Ito (otherwise known as “Oh! Great”) created a second animated series that aired in Japan in 2006 entitled “Air Gear.” For many, this is old news, as many loyal fans of “Oh! Great”’s works have not only seen the Tenjou Tenge and Air Gear animes in their entirety (26 & 25 episodes each) but have been still following up with their respective mangas, especially Air Gear; which has reached nearly 200 chapters thus far. However, for those of you who have neglected to follow the Air Gear series whether it is due to your declining interest in current animes or your infatuation with the popular Naruto and Bleach series, I am here to inform that the Air Gear series is a hidden gem in the Otaku universe. At first glance the Air Gear series may appear as somewhat “corny” as you realize that the plot is based around the invention of “Air Treks,” motorized roller blades, however, to those who are patient enough to sit through the remedial introduction of air trek dynamics and the differing classes amongst “storm riders” (those who use Air Trek for competitive purposes), Air Gear offers a truly deep plot and an intriguing line of characters, concepts and art-work.

I recommend to at least completely watching the anime. Air Gear takes something that many people can relate to, roller blades, and takes this concept of inline skate tricks to a whole new level. I can assure that many of you, after watching the anime, will put on your roller blades for the first time in many years (to only realize they are too tight for you now). To add, the music included in the animated series compliments the action in Air Gear so well, as it plays out its funky beats and mixes that may be reminiscent of some old school B-Boy hits.

Here is sample of what the ANIME entails. Video was made by the wriX Crew.

If you find yourself enjoying the little taste of the Air Gear plot that the anime has to offer, definitely invest time in reading the Air Gear Manga. As the plot thickens in the Air Gear world, “Oh! Great” hits you with some sick imagery, and plot twists that will undeniably get you hooked!

Here is where you can get all the goods!

Anime: http://www.tokyotosho.com/

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Volumes 1-17 can be obtained at:


and the later Volumes:


Also Check out this cool blog:


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