Beginners Guide to Free Games (Part 1 Nintendo DS)

A co-worker of mine keeps complaining that her kid’s games are “too damn expensive”.

I agree.

Rock Band costs $160, Guitar Hero 3 costs $90 and any average game for a console costs $60. Games really are too damn expensive. Her son plays Nintendo DS, so I figure I teach her a way that she can save a LOT of money on DS games. Before we begin let me state that I’m not an advocator of pirated goods. Please purchase your games!!

Anyways moving on,

For NINTENDO DS games the clear solution is the R4 Chip.

This chip is hands down the BEST NDS investment you can make.

You can download virtually any Nintendo DS game into the chip and then run it on your Nintendo DS. The chip contains a small slot for a SD memory card (which holds the games). The R4DS cartridge and 1 GB Sandisk will cost you about $80 but you will instantly make your money back after you download 2 or 3 games.

There are a lot of sites where you can download EVERY single DS game every made.

Here is one I recommend:

After writing this little entry I found this Youtube video describing the installation process. Berry nice!

I hope this helps. Stay Tuned maybe I’ll write about free Xbox 360 games or something.

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