Over the holiday break the wriX crew started an anime called D.Gray-Man. D-G Man is a manga/anime that has been out for about a year and is still ongoing.

At first we were reluctant to start D.GM because we were so far behind (I hate catching up in anime). However due to its rave reviews and the fact that it’s still popular after 143 mangas / 64 anime episodes, we decided to give it a try. We are currently on different episodes but I’ve watched about 21 episodes of the Anime and from what I’ve seen so far, I think the show is GREAT!

I really like it. It’s not legendary but it’s pretty entertaining.

I’ll try to summarize the plot it simple bullet points:

· New kid on the block named, Allen Walker (girly looking guy above)joins this badass group of people called the Black Order

· Black Order consists of Exorcists who have special powers and kill demons throughout the world.

· Demons are made by this Fat Ass Clown Named the Millennium Earl, who I find to look hilarious @ times ^^;

· Exorcists get their powers from things called, “Innocence”. Fragments of a stone or something…they go around the world looking for new people to join their gang.

· The Millennium Earl has special family members who has crazy powers as well… they are the evil equivalents to the Exorcists.

Bottom line:

Exorcists vs Demons = Good Times. The show features interesting characters and typical witty Japanese dialogue. The animation is your typical “TV Tokyo” quality but it doesn’t disappoint. Although we had varying reviews, the overall wriXeL review is 8.11 / 10.00.

Disclaimer: We are not up to date with the show so our review is subject to change.

Here is the Opening Intro to the Anime Season… ah good ol J-POP. Enjoy!!

If you are interested in starting the anime, I suggest getting the whole first season from:

1. Boxtorrents

2. MiniNova

Links are to the left!! You need Bittorrent to download these…if you don’t know what BT is… send me an email.

PS. If you are far in the Anime DON’T RUIN IT for us. KK THX BYE.