This review contains many spoilers. If you plan on watching the film and want a quick review without spoilers please read the bullet points and the “BOTTOM LINE” below.


Cloverfield is a unique monster movie that sets itself apart from others in the genre. JJ Abrams has once again produced amazing work. The whole concept of a monster attack from the first person point of view is brilliant. Although this brilliant idea works for the majority of the movie…in some scenes it just doesn’t. A lot of the film’s strengths were also its weaknesses.

I am content with the Cloverfield monster. You clearly saw what it was and yet you STILL didn’t know what you were looking at. The monster didn’t look cheesy or fake. Not only was the monster scary but the little creatures that fell from it were ever freakier. The special effects for the movie were wonderful! Building explosions looked real and the military action sequences were very convincing.

The main problem I had with Cloverfield was the first person point of view.


I last experienced movie motion sickness during “The Blair Witch Project”. I felt like throwing up then, and during Cloverfield I felt like throwing up again. Maybe it was JJ Abrams idea to have you feel as nauseated as the people trying to escape. If you’re made of the tough stuff and aren’t affected by motion sickness then ignore this comment. If you are weak sauce like me, you’ve been warned.

There were a couple scenes in the movie I that I really liked. A great scene in the movie was when the girl exploded (By great I mean gross). I remembered her from “Mean Girls” and I thought she deserved better than that. I mean come on she was Janis Ian. It was deliciously scary when the “little monsters” were attacking them in the train tunnels. It reminded me of the “Descent” and how scared I was then.

I had a couple small issues with some scenes in the movie. Robert Hawkins loses his brother during the film and has a small meltdown. After 20 minutes or so he pulls himself together and runs off to save Beth. I’m sorry but if I lost my brother I don’t think I would be able to function for a quite some time. I’d be too damn devastated to try to be a hero. Towards the end of the movie they save, Beth McIntyre. Her apartment almost collapses, she gets impaled on a metal beam and she then survives a helicopter crash. Holy shit, only in a movie folks. J

The humor didn’t work during the movie. People are dying around you and you have the inclination to pop a joke? No. They should’ve cut this out. It generated a few chuckles in the audience but I think it brought the audience back to reality and back to realizing that they are watching a monster flick. The same comedian, Hud, also FILMS the entire attack? Bull shit. If I was under attack I would be running as fast as hell to get out of there. What was his motivation to keep filming? “So others will know how it went down?” Yea right, a real person would say, “Fuck this I’m getting out of here”

A lot of people had issues with the ending but I thought it was good. Although they died in an abrupt fashion, they died together and they got to say what they wanted to say. At that point if they survived I would’ve been pissed.


Here is a quick summary (in nice bullet points for all you lazy people):


- The monster doesn’t disappoint. It was actually pretty cool.

- Special effects were wonderful.

- It was unbelievably realistic. You felt as if you were trying to escape from NY,

- The movie had a lot of cool NY landmarks I recognized.

- The ending was good in my opinion.


- Motion Sickness Warning. I seriously thought I was going to hurl.

- Super Human survivability. Some people just don’t die! J

- The humor just didn’t work with the film.

- The acting was decent but I think they could’ve shown more sadness and desperation.


Coverfield is definitely a unique experience. If you can overcome the motion sickness and ignore some weak acting/humor you are in for a terrifying experience. The special effects are topnotch and monsters kicks ass.

Cloverfield gets a 7.3 out of 10.